Maria Shehata



Maria Shehata is an award-winning Egyptian-American comedian who has lived in New York, LA, and now London where she is quickly making a name for herself at some of the top comedy clubs in the country. She has a conversational delivery and no-nonsense candor and a style that is sardonic yet playful, which she uses to charm audiences all over the US, UK, and Europe. 

Maria’s stand up has been featured on Comedy Central’s “The Watch List,” Showtime’s “Bridging the Gap,” and Nuvo TV's "Stand Up and Deliver." She was featured in the series "The Cradle of Comedy," and appeared in the film "100 Jokes." She has trained in improv and sketch with UCB and Second City. Maria is winner of Best Comedian at the Hollywood Festival of New Cinema, and Best Comedy at the Miami Web Fest where she was nominated for Best Actress.

Watch out for Maria in "Just Like Us" now playing on Netflix, the upcoming film "Brand New Old Love" and Seeso's "Hidden America with Jonah Ray."

Maria is my favorite little Egyptian.
— Jim Gaffigan
Maria has a second name I can’t pronounce, and she is very short, but she is very funny indeed.
— Angelos Epithemiou
Brutally honest comedy
— Daily Lobo
Refreshingly distinctive point of view
— KoreAm Jounral
Maria Shehata has a Janeane Garafalo type swagger to her, both funny and entertaining.
— LA Times