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Maria Shehata


Maria Shehata has a Janeane Garafalo type swagger to her, both funny and entertaining.
— LA Times
Maria is my favorite little Egyptian.
— Jim Gaffigan

An Egyptian-American comedian, born and raised in Columbus, Ohio, Maria Shehata's unlikely blend of mid-east and mid-west gives her a point of view that is hilarious, unique, and yet still universal. 

Maria’s stand up has been seen on Comedy Central’s The Watch ListJust Like Us: The Movie, NuVo TV's Stand Up and Deliver, and Showtime’s Bridging the Gap. Maria is featured in The Cradle of Comedy, a documentary following the lives of six Middle Eastern  comedians.

Maria has been invited to perform in numerous comedy festivals, such as the New York Underground Comedy Festival, the New York Arab-American Comedy FestivalThe Los Angeles Middle Eastern Comedy Festival, the Big Sky Comedy Competition, and the San Luis Obispo Comedy Festival. With her universal appeal, she has performed all over the United States, as well as throughout the Middle East and Europe. 

Check Maria out in her award winning web series My Super-Overactive Imagination!


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